The ‘S’ Word

On Tuesday the 21st of April, the DA marched to Mpumalanga Legislature to hand over a memorandum opposing discrimination. This march comes after ANC MP’s told DA Mpumalanga Deputy Leader Jane Sithole that her dress was inappropriate, with someone even likening her dress to one “worn by prostitutes”. What she wore, which had no bearing on the issue that was tabled, came to eclipse the meeting. This is what she wore:

A prostitutes dress?  photo by DA Mpumalanga

A prostitutes dress?
photo by DA Mpumalanga

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Cover Me, I’m Going In-The Controversy Around the Hijab


Choice-original photograph(Kirsten Jacobs)

“I wear my hijab because it is encouraged in the Qur’an, because I don’t feel the need to sexualize or objectify my body in accordance with society…because I want to assert my female Muslim identity.”

This is how Aaliyah* responds to my question “Why do you wear a hijab?” The question becomes important in the context of the controversy surrounding the hijab seen around the world. The hijab, a large square scarf draped over the head and shoulders, is a requirement for Muslim women. The hijab protects a woman’s modesty. The hijab, and other Islamic dress articles, have become the topic of discussion in various feminist circles. Western claims that the Islamic dress code can be viewed as a manner of oppressing and controlling the bodies and sexualities of Muslim women have largely dominated the discourse. But what do Muslim women think? Read More

Girl, look at that body


The perfect body-photo creeds to

This weekend I had the pleasure of looking after my 9 year old cousin and her two friends. My day consisted of 5 hours of incessant screaming, awful jokes and annoying laughter, all while reigning myself in from swearing at them. A few hours in, the girls decided they wanted to play the Sims, something I have done hundreds of times before. But this particular day was different. By watching them play the game, I saw decades of the medias fascination with the body at work. Read More