I Am Not My Hair

Good hair. We’ve all heard the term. Chris Rock even made a documentary on it. In it, he researches the importance of hair to black American women, and how hair often comes to define femininity. His documentary, suggests that women of colour see hair as a marker for beauty. But what kind of hair is beautiful? And what does that say about the way we view beauty? Read More


I’m a feminist: now what?

I’ll be honest. I haven’t always been a feminist. Growing up, the various institutions around me convinced me that there was no such thing as sexism and that the gender order existed for a reason. I never questioned why I played with dolls, beauty supplies and toy stoves while my brother had Lego, toy cars and video games. Why, as a child, every time I stepped into a store, I insisted on buying something pink. Why, as a young teen, I didn’t feel beautiful if my hair and make up wasn’t done. I don’t know when or why but something changed in me. I guess it was my feminist awakening. Read More